Dress Code

We Dig Our Dress Code!

No rolling backpacks please!


  • Must have collar
  • Must have sleeves–no sleeveless or sheer
  • May have pattern or logo
  • Must cover front, back, midriff, and sides


  • May be ANY solid color
  • May be twill, chino, corduroy, or demin
  • May not be sweat pants or jogging pants
  • No sagging or excessively tight pants (this would include leggings)
  • Shorts must extend to the knee
  • Shorts/leggings worn under dress may not extend below the hem of the dress


  • Must be twill, chino, corduroy, or denim (no spandex or stretch material)
  • Dresses must have sleeves and backs.
  • Dresses/skirts/shorts must extend to the knee.


  • Shoes and sandals must have a back.
  • Students must wear appropriate footwear for PE class
  • No rollers in shoes


  • Must be removed in the building

Clothing must not have holes or tears and must have finished hems (no cut-offs). Pants must not drag the ground.